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Approximately one case of domestic abuse is reported every 5 minutes in India. Each year over 1000 women become victims of an acid attack. Women for Women IPRAS provides plastic surgery to to help victims of abuse recover from their disfiguring and life-changing injuries.

Your help is needed to heal India’s scars of abuse.


IPRAS WomenforWomen aims to provide plastic-surgical help for women who do not have access to medical care and suffer from severe injuries and disfigurement as a result of domestic violence and acid attacks.

Financed by donations and supported by the pro bono work of medical volunteers, the organisation is active in numerous countries such as India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal and Tanzania. “Women for Women” aims at not only reconstructing the physical health and well-being of the women but at the same time improving their feeling of self-worth.The organisation is currently urgently looking for donations to help run their daily business.